Spas: A Relaxing Retreat


Indulging in luxurious spa treatments is one of the best ways to pamper one’s self every once in a while especially in between the daily stress from work and typical everyday routine that can easily burn one out if one does not have enough time to recharge at least. The origin of spa services can be traced back to the ancient Roman times where public baths in natural thermal spring water were used to alleviate different types of mild illnesses or just relax one’s body, with the same concept also applied in the private baths of affluent or royal families.

Today, spa treatments serve the same purpose of relaxation, but are more specific, with the help of various herbal plants, oil extracts and essences which are added to the bath water for targeted results, and are usually enhanced by the use of special spa equipment or massage techniques that makes the process more efficient. Furthermore, spa treatments today are also administered in clinics or spa centers, and are performed by professionally trained individuals to make sure that all equipment and processes are carried out according to acceptable standards. In most clinics, spa services are often offered with dermatological services that complete the experience for clients, who will find that having such services in one clinic are far more relaxing and practical, check out the Spa in this video!

In Vienna, a fair-sized town in Fairfax County, Virginia USA, locals are lucky enough to have complete spa clinics like Skintelligence, which offers a wide range of quality services from aesthetic and skincare services to cosmetic medical services so clients do not have to visit multiple clinics just to get all the beauty services they need. Although most spas in Vienna are modern and efficient, only Skintelligence continuously offers new, innovative services that are often first in the location, which always puts them ahead of the market, with clients from neighboring cities also frequenting the trusted clinic that has been around for at least 10 years already. Being a favorite spa in Vienna VA, the services offered by Skintelligence can be attested by its loyal clients who have been enjoying the results of various skincare service that they regularly get from the clinic. With two locations in Virginia, clients would also not have to travel too far to keep up with their prescribed number of sessions. The clinic also offers high quality skincare products so clients can continue to have Vienna spa  quality regimen at home to maintain their results.

You can also learn more on the benefits of having a spa treatment, check out the post at


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